Friday, March 30, 2012

Oreo Cookie Pops

Did you know that the Oreo Cookie turned 100 years old on March 6, 2012. Seriously, why wasn't it a national holiday? I'm scratching my head. I mean come on, we're talking about Oreos here. One of the most beloved cookies of all time. And, seeing as I've had an ongoing love affair with Oreos since as long as I can remember, I can't let this milestone pass us by without some "to do". 

These Oreo Pops fall into the category of "So Easy Anyone Can Make Them, But So Impressive That Everyone Will Think You're A Culinary Genius".  They are so simple to make, but show up to a Little League game, a class party or any event with these little gems and you're sure to be the hero. 

But just a warning: shoving food on sticks and dipping into chocolate is addictive. 
You won't be able to stop at Oreos, you'll be reaching for Nutter Butters, Marshmallows, fruit, leftover cake, rice crispy treats. . .whatever you can find. 
So pace yourself. Proceed with caution. . .

Gather these few simple things and you'll be dipping in no time:

Oreos - Any variety, regular, Double Stuffed, Golden, Chocolate Cream, Peanut Butter Cream. Whatever you like. They came out with these Limited Edition Birthday Cake ones which are SUPER hard to find. I saw them on the web and looked every where. I finally got my hands on a box at the grocery store when they were putting on an Oreo Event but I haven't been able to find them since. And, I hate to tell you, but they were pretty awesome. The cream was cake flavored and had little sprinkles in it. Whoa mama! If you can find them, snatch them up!

Dipping Chocolate - This is also called "Summer Chocolate" or "Melting Chocolate". I get this stuff in the bulk bins at my grocery store. They call it "Chocolate Melty" and it comes in Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla. The product/brand is Guittard A'peels. I used the Dark Chocolate and I much prefer it to the Wilton Candy Melts. It has better flavor and texture and melts to a smoother consistency. It's different than "real" chocolate because the cocoa butter has been removed and replaced with a different fat. What that means it that it doesn't have to be tempered. You can melt and re-melt it over and over again and still get an even, smooth, shiny coating of chocolate. Side by side, "real" chocolate will taste a bit better, but, I'm not much on dipping and molding chocolate so this works great for me. If you prefer, use semi-sweet chocolate chips and temper them by adding 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil to 2 cups of chocolate chips. Keep in mind that your coating won't set up as firm as the chocolate melty.

Lollipop Sticks - I used 6-inch, but any size will work. You can find them at your local craft store, or here on the Wilton Site. You may also be able to find them at the grocery store.

Sprinkles - OK, so you don't really NEED sprinkles but isn't life more fun with sprinkles. I like "jimmies" because they are colorful and softer to bite into than sanding sugar and quins. 

Grab an Oreo and a lollipop stick. Insert the stick into the Oreo cream and gently push it in until you just feel the cream popping out on the other side. You want the stick inside the cream the entire diameter of the cookie. This will make it sturdier for dipping.

Don't worry if some break, it happens. If you are getting a lot of breakage lay the cookie down and hold it firmly with flat fingers and insert the stick holding it horizontal to the counter. Just go easy and gentle. If the cookie cracks but still holds to the stick that's OK. The chocolate will hold it all together once it's dipped.

Once you've inserted all the sticks, lay the pops out on a lined cookie sheet. The Silpat mat really is the best for this but you can use non-stick parchment if you have it.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the dipping process because, well, I don't have 4 hands. I'll do my best to explain how I did it:

To dip the cookies, melt about 8 oz. (weight) Chocolate Melty. You can use a small bowl in the microwave or over a double boiler. Stir until the chocolate is smooth and liquid. When you're ready to start dipping, tilt the bowl about 45 degrees or so to pool the chocolate to one side. Holding the pop upside down, by the stick, position the cookie at a 90 degree angle to the bottom of the bowl. Drag the pop into the pool of chocolate, forcing the chocolate up to the stick, coating the bottom side of the cookie. Flip the cookie over and repeat, covering the other side of the cookie. Alternately you can pour the melted chocolate into a tall glass and dip the cookie straight down into it. Either way works. After the cookie is coated scrape most of the chocolate off the "underside" and lay that side down on your lined cookie sheet to set. If you don't scrape off a decent amount of chocolate from the "underside" of the cookie you'll get a pool of chocolate around the cookie when it sets. The grooves in the Oreo will hang onto enough chocolate that you'll get good coverage. Trust me! Sprinkle the jimmies on before the chocolate sets. Now just wait for the chocolate to firm up and enjoy! If you want to speed things up, pop them in the fridge for a few minutes.

Here's why I love the dipping chocolate. Pour the leftover chocolate in a puddle on a flat surface. I used a paper plate. Let it set up.

Then just break it up and store in a zipper bag in the freezer until your next chocolate dipping creation. No need to temper.

Super easy and super fun. Kids go nuts for these. Heck, I go nuts for them too. Enjoy!

Note: I used about 8 oz. of chocolate melty to dip 16 pops. Adjust amounts as needed for the number of pops you want to make.

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