Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Two Timin' Pasta

Theres a time for quality gourmet cooking and there's a time for throwin' it together and shoving it in the oven. This recipe is for one of those times. It's super easy to make ahead and a favorite with my family. With two teenagers who play sports, a part time job and a hubby in grad school, some days we just can't all sit down to dinner. At the very least, I like a home cooked meal that everyone can reheat and eat as they come and go. This recipe is perfect for that. I usually put it all together in the morning and refrigerate. Then the first one home puts it in the oven. Everyone just helps themselves when they get home. And it's good. Really good. Give it a whirl. . .

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Almond Horns (Mandelhoernchen)

If you've been with this blog for a while, you may have read my "Mandelhoernchen Melancholy" post. It was a disaster and let's leave it at that. After my Almond Paste post a couple of weeks ago and the success of both almond paste recipes I was ready to give Mandelhoernchen another go. I used to get "Almond Horns" from the Freeport Bakery in Sacramento when I worked down town. They were a real treat. So almondy, so crispy and just slightly sweet. The perfect mid-morning pick me up. They were more than a cookie but not quite a pastry, existing on a culinary plane all their own. For many years I erroneously searched for "Almond Crescent" recipes but only turned up a variety of almond shortbread cookies. That wasn't it. I had forgotten that they were called "Almond Horns". Who wudda thunk? Then I discovered the G Bakes blog and Mandelhoernchen and found my long lost love. After exhaustive research on Mandelhoernchen and Almond Horns, I came up with the recipe below and it's a WINNER. Or at least I think it is, check it our for yourself.

On a side note, my daughter and I discovered only just last month that Whole Foods sells these in their bakery in the self service cookie case. Only they don't dip the ends in chocolate. Shame on you Whole Foods, leaving off the chocolate. But honestly, they're pretty good. I'll head back there to snap one up, fo show!