Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Muddy Buddies®/Puppy Chow

This fun snack goes by a couple of names. Officially it's called Muddy Buddies® but that name is a ® (registered trademark) so I don't think I can call it that. Hmmmm, not sure what the rules are. (Any lawyers out there? Can ya help a girl out?) Only I don't like calling it "Puppy Chow" because it seems to imply that your dog could eat it which is a big NO NO. It has chocolate and will make your pooch pretty sick. Also, we're not dogs (or puppies), so I don't want to eat something called "Puppy Chow". But whatever you want to call it, it's good, kids love it, and as sweet treats go, it's not too bad, us mom types don't have to feel too guilty about serving it. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan, I'm just not that into peanut butter. I don't dislike it, I just don't really like it. Kind of a "take it or leave it" thing. But my kids, their friends, my husband, and most people I know, like it. It's super easy to make and a great recipe for kids to whip up on their own. It has just a few simple ingredients which most likely you already have and doesn't involve the stove top or oven. (Just the microwave) So whatever you want to call it, make up a batch next time you need to feed a crowd. The full recipe can be found on either the Chex or Betty Crocker web sites. Go get it!

You probably have all this in your pantry right now: Chex cereal (any variety, I like the rice), chocolate chips, peanut butter, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar.

Start by measuring out the cereal into a really big bowl.
 Just so's ya know, my 13 year old made this recipe, I just took pictures. 
That's her lovely hand.

Next add the chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter to a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 1 minute.

Give it a stir and continue to microwave, 30 seconds at a time, until it's all melted together and smooth.

Add the vanilla and stir in well.

Pour the chocolate-peanut butter mixture over the cereal and mix well. At first it doesn't seem like it will coat all the cereal but just keep gently mixing. (be careful not to crush the cereal). Try to find all those pesky hidden globs of chocolate and get them all mixed in good.

Nice, all coated and ready for more sugar. Yea!

Dump the powdered sugar into a large zipper storage bag. This is a gallon bag but if you have something bigger I recommend it. This bag was a tad small and we had to do then next step in two parts.

In goes the cereal mixture (for us, just half).

Now give it a good shake. Really shake it up baby. 
(OK, sorry that was pretty cheesy but I couldn't resist)

Lastly spread it out on a rimmed cookie sheet and let it dry/set up. Then store in another (clean) zipper bag or other air tight container.

This would be great for a pool party or post soccer/baseball game treat. Here are the recipe links again:  Chex,  Betty Crocker

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