Sunday, May 27, 2012

Peach Crunch Cake

Hello strangers . . . Did you miss me? . . . Yea, it's been a while. . . I've been busy. . . 
I missed you!

Life as of late has been ca-ray-zee! Little League, swim team, end of year band concerts, end of year projects, awards ceremonies, studying for finals, cleaning out lockers, working, working, did I say working? Between all the kids sports, end of school brew ha ha and my so called part time job taking up 40 hours each week, my poor little blog has been neglected. But NOT abandoned. I could never let it go. Add to it all that the last couple of grand ideas for the blog have ended up flops and well, I've been in a bit of a slump. I'm working on getting my mojo back. Not to worry, there's lots of stuff in the idea file. Good stuff's coming, be patient. Oh and my ancient relic of a camera is on the fritz. Kaput. Photos in this post are courtesy of my iPhone. Thank you Apple!

So, I really haven't had much time to chop, sauté, fold, rest, rise, laminate, knead, roll, cut, flour, dip, decorate, beat or whip. But I did find some time to dump. As in the classic Dump Cake. Which BTW I hate that name "Dump Cake" doesn't really make me think of a cake. But what I do love is how easy, easy, easy, it is. A few simple ingredients dumped, er, layered in a pyrex and voila, dessert. There are literally tons of recipes on the web and I'll bet if you ask your mother, grandmother or Aunt Fanny she'll have some version of this recipe. I went with Bakerella's Peach Crunch Cake. Although it's called "cake" what you end up with isn't really cake. It's more like a cobbler, but gooier. Serve it with vanilla ice cream and you've got the perfect easy summer dessert.

These ingredients are as easy as it gets: A jar of sliced peaches (in juice or syrup, doesn't matter.), a yellow cake mix, brown sugar, butter and chopped nuts. (Your choice, the recipe called for walnuts, I like almonds so I used almonds.)

Start by dumping the peaches and all the juice/syrup into a 13 x 9 pyrex. I like to cut the peach slices in half to get them a little more evenly distributed. If you're feeling lazy, skip it.

Next sprinkle on the entire box of cake mix and then top with thin slices of the butter.

Sprinkle on the brown sugar and lastly the nuts. Seriously, this couldn't be easier.

Bake it in a 350°F oven for about 40 minutes and it comes out looking like this. OK, so it's not pretty but we ain't trying to win a beauty contest here. This isn't about looks.

Put a nice big scoop of the hot cake in a bowl and top with plain ole vanilla ice cream. Yum um me! I could really eat the whole thing. It's that good. Next time I think I try using apricots, or maybe cherries. Pick whatever fruit you like but whatever you do, make this cake!

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